For all Reba fans who have missed her on TV lately, there's good news coming out of Nashville.  Reba will reportedly shoot a pilot sometime next spring.

The pilot, to be shot for  an ABC sitcom is titled Malibu Country.  The plan is to have her shoot the pilot next April of next year, with a possible first filming sometime in August of 2012.

The announcement came last Friday on her website:

"I know you've all been asking, and I can confirm that the rumors are true," she wrote. "We had our meeting yesterday with the folks at ABC, and we now have a put pilot with ABC! That means we will shoot the pilot next April and, if everything goes like we hope it will, we'll be shooting a sitcom called Malibu Country next August!"

She should have no problem working with the writer on this show.  The  executive producer from her previous show Reba, Kevin Abbott, will do the writing chores according to Variety.

The plot will be built around the premise of her character starting a new life after her rock star husband cheats on her and they divorce.  Reba's character then moves her family from Nashville to the only asset she has left -- a little house in Malibu

Reba McEntire wrote, "I miss the Reba show so much, so it will be great to get back into the TV world!"

I'm sure Reba's many, many fans are looking forward to her doing just that.

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