Alright.  I know it was a joke.  I get it.  But, the way this song took off, you have to think that Toby was just as surprised as anyone else when this song turned into a monster.

Let's re-cap.  Red Solo Cup came out on Clancy's Tavern.  It was a funny song dedicated to the basic requirement at any party featuring....uhm, let's just call them "adult beverages".  A funny song, no doubt.  But then, all of a sudden, BOOOM!   It's being featured on Glee.  It's being featured on youtube with small children performing it; if you missed the video of the little girl singing in her car seat it was hilarious.  Red Solo Cup even had a holiday theme release.

Now CMT is proudly featuring it as the Number One video on their network and on their website.  Red Solo Cup has the potential to be one of Toby's most successful songs of all time.  We're talking Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer type of hype and success.  However, let us remember that Elmo and Patsy had a one hit wonder with their song.  Red Solo Cup is just one of a very large number of hits for our boy Toby.

So, just take it for what it's worth:  one of those social phenomena that crop up with absolutely no logical explanation.  Songs like Red Solo Cup are just meant to be enjoyed and not diagrammed and examined too closely.

When this little gem first hit, I shared a video of the original un-cut version.  You can enjoy it again here.  Oh, and remember, this is the un-editted don't be offended.

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