Let me start by saying this. I was able to see Bachman Turner Overdrive AND Bob Seger in the fieldhouse waaaay back in the 70's. That concert was put on by The Associated Students of the University of Wyoming.  I say that to tell you that I have high regard for ASUW. However, when it comes to replacing the Wyoming Family statue in Prexy's....well, they're wrong to do it. And here's why.

Let us sit and reason together. Thousands and thousands of students have walked past that statue since it was put up in 1983. When I first came down here to go back to school, my son was small enough to carry on my shoulders and my beautiful angel of a daughter walked right beside daddy, step for step.  We didn't have a car and we walked everywhere in Laramie. In all weather. So, I've got a deep and abiding love for that statue.  We would walk past it every day. Sometimes more than once. Whether the sun was shining or the snow was blowing, we walked past that statue.

I understand that ASUW voted 24 to something to re-locate the statue and put in something more western. Okay, but here's why that's not a good idea. Prexy's is the CENTER of campus.  The statue sits at the center of every path through that lovely pasture. When you look at the subjects, you see that the faces are blank, because they represent EVERY single student, teacher, visitor and citizen of Wyoming.

I know, moving the statue to another location won't change the importance of it. But moving it aside will change the focus at the dead center of UW.  We have statues of Cowboys and Indians across campus, and I'm proud of that. But, in the heart of the community sits a simple, white representation of everything that is good about Wyoming and UW.

I don't know if the process has gone too far for reconsideration. I hope it hasn't. I would like people who do not have the advantage of huge websites (like me) to write or call ASUW (politely) and suggest that perhaps the monies allocated for this replacement be used in a different manner and not move this Russin masterpiece.

Okay, this old man is done yelling at clouds and chasing you kids off my lawn.  Please do not replace the Wyoming Family with anything.  Okay? 


L B Cook