HLN anchor Robin Meade is set to relase her first country album in late June.  She's quick to reassure her news junkie fans that she has no plans go give up her HLN gig.  She's just interested in stretching her singing and song-writing talents.

The album will be called "Brand New Day" and according to our friends at Taste of Country, will include 12 tracks.  Robin has co-written half of them.

‘Brand New Day,’ has some real chops going for it.  It was produced by Victoria Shaw, and boasts the real song-writing talents of John Rich

Asked if she thinks her audience from Headline Line News will be surprised to find out she hopes to be a country artist, Robin is quoted as saying, "Whenever we have a music piece [on HLN], or maybe saying so and so’s album’s out, it’s pretty obvious that I have a really great background knowledge of music. It’s pretty obvious that I’m very passionate about it. So they’re not going to be surprised, because I’ve been talking a little bit about it … I’ve been telling them it’s coming for a while "

Robin's dad is a minister and it was in his church that she first gained a love of singing.  

"Now music, on the other hand, was just as natural as anything and it’s been my real joy all my life. And about 10-15 years ago, I started experiencing panic attacks on the air, which is kind of hard to have on live TV. It’s kind of hard to deliver the news when you can’t breathe [laughs].  I can laugh about it now, but it was excruciating and painful. And music was the one thing that I could go back to and it was very soothing to me during that time when I kept questioning [that] maybe I can’t be a newscaster anymore. I can’t even speak on the air. It was almost like the return of the fear of speaking in front of people. But the music is what soothed me, and I would ask people to play songs for me before the newscast. I would hum things to myself. It was a great mood enhancer for me."

Victoria Shaw also produced Lady Antebellum's first album.  And Robin always promised herself she would work with her someday.  Robin met Shaw when she guest-hosted the 'Next GAC star' finale.   Victoria was one of the judges.

The first single, if Robin has her way, will be called ‘Put My High Heels On’..a song she wrote with John Rich and Victoria Shaw.

Also guesting on the album will be Bo Bice, Kix Brooks, Sarah Buxton and more

Be looking for the release in Target stores on June 21.