He's Mine - Rodney Atkins

Rodney Atkins has this one as a kind of, "you know, my kid is a pain, but he's my kid soI'm gonna stick with him" kind of scenario.  Well, truth is, if he were my kid, I'd stick with him, until it was time to take him down a notch and get him back on the straight and narrow again.  Take a listen to He's Mine

Saturday Night - Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen has a number of great tunes out there.  This one is his latest and it's got a nice simple thought:  If things are okay at home and you've got somebody you care for waiting for you on Sunday morning, what's the charm of cheap whiskey and smoke on your clothes at the club?  Take a listen to Saturday night.

So,  vote now!

Congratulations to Wade Bowen for winning our first Country Showdown and to everyone who came to cast their vote; don't worry we are still big Rodney Atkins fans as well!