I would like to preface this post by saying that I am a huge Brooks and Dunn fan and I think that Ronnie Dunn is beyond talented. However, his self title album, his first solo release in 25 years is a touch on the depressing side.

Now I think he released "Cost of Livin" at a time when it tells the story of many people in this country. " Bleed Red" is another fantastic melody that sends chills down your spine, but my question to you is... Can we expect many light-hearted tunes to come? Or do you think that previous partner, Kix Brooks, was the one to thank for the rowdy, honky-tonk rockin' sound we've grown to love?

I realize that there are a couple of songs on this album that are slightly more upbeat, like, "How Far to Waco" with it's mariachi, fun sound, and "Singer in a Cowboy Band". I am also not saying that what the duo have produced previously was all fun and games, I am just pointing out that their seemed to be more diversity.

I am interested to see if the new year will bring new and exciting material for the multi-talented artist. I hope that the separation of the duo doesn't bring Ronnie back to his shy and reclusive ways but I guess time will tell.