I am completely stoked to get my hands on the new Ronnie Dunn CD after it's release on June 7th  2011.  

When Ronnie Dunn and his long-time duo partner Kix Brooks decided to break up, I've got to tell you, I wasn't at all sure either one would find success on their own.  I mean, both these incredible talents seemed joined at the hip for so many years and so many great songs.

Well, as usual, I was wrong.  Kix Brooks has some projects in the pipleine and is continuing to pursue his acting.  And he's still making a name for himself with his Arrington vineyards.

Nope, it appears both these gentlemen are just fine on their own, but it is definitely Ronnie that has made the first venture into a solo career.  His first single Bleed Red continues to make noise on the Billboard Country Charts.

Our friends at The Boot have a complete listing of the album tracks and a sneak peek at the cover.  I'm hoping that the success of Bleed Red is just the start for success of Ronnie's disc.

I invite you to enjoy a recent live video  performance of the song from the ACM's.