Must have been something in the water in upstate New York.  Some 70 fans were busted by the local constabulatory.  The charges ranged from under aged drinking, possession of controlled substances and just general disorderly activities.

The funny thing is, of all the artists I can think of who might have a crowd problem, Brad Paisley's are absolutely the last fans I would suspect of running afoul of the law.  His concerts are family-friendly fun.  Period.

The July 23rd concert was the scene where 56 under-aged drinkers were charged.  In addition to the young drinkers, some were charged with fighting with security guards and driving while intoxicated.

Brad reportedly tweeted after the event that they had,  “Quite a performance in [Darien Lake] Saturday. We also played music.”

The full story is available at the local paper The Batavian.

So, the whole thing is probably an anomaly.  Like I said, Brad Paisley concerts are safe, sane and fun all the way around.  Anyone who goes can count on a fun time with no problems.  It's just seems that on this one night, in the community of Dariens Lake, the wheels came off.