The Bernie Sanders Campaign opened its first Wyoming office Friday night in downtown Laramie.

Roughly 75 supporters showed up to voice their support or register to help the six organizers spread the word about the Sanders campaign.

"The state is not going to be won through the six of us," says state director Shelby Iseler. "The state is going to be won through the outreach of locals."

The office is located at 111 E. Grand Ave. Supporters say it will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the week while the race continues.

It's the first Sanders campaign office in Wyoming, but volunteers say they are is working to establish an office in Cheyenne as well.

"We've done quite a bit of research, but what we know is that Bernie's message resonates with people in Albany County and Laramie County in the state of Wyoming," says Iseler.

Iseler emphasized that Wyoming's Democratic Caucuses are closed, and those who wish to participate must register by March 25.

Nick Learned, Townsquare Media