The young students from Sandy Hook Elementary School returned to school today, Thursday Jan. 3rd, 2013 for the first time since the violent shooting rampage on Dec. 14th, 2012.  They returned to the comfortable sights of the school they were accustomed to, only in another school, in another town.

For the first time since the horrific killings last month, the students of Sandy Hook Elementary are back in school.  Classes resumed in a neighboring school in the neighboring town of Monroe, CN.  This newly refurbished school, formerly Chalk Hill Middle School, has been converted to resemble Sandy Hook Elementary.  Through the labor of workers and volunteers, walls have been painted the same color, posters and pictures from Sandy Hook have been placed on the walls, even the floors in the bathrooms have been raised for the small students.  The same desks and chairs were brought in, the cubby holes and bookshelves were fashioned to look as similar as possible.  Upon arrival, the students warmly reconnected with each other and teachers.  Gift boxes were given to each student with toys inside.

Concerned parents were encouraged to visit or stay at the school throughout the day.  Police presence was in full force for the return.  Several police officers guarded the main entrance of the school, checking ID's of anyone who entered.  Whether an administrator or a parent dropping off their child, the police officers were aware.  Monroe police Lt. Keith White stated "I think right now it has to be the safest school in America".  Counselors were at the disposal of anyone who needed or wanted one.  Administrators encouraged parents to let their children ride the bus to school to help ease them back into comfortable routine.  On the bus route to the school, signs of support were posted along side the road.  Sayings such as  "Welcome Sandy Hook Elementary Kids" and "You are in our prayers." adorned these uplifting signs.