Sara Evans was a knock-out in her all black outfit as she emerged from smoke rising from the stage, singing the opening notes of her No. 1 smash ‘A Little Bit Stronger’ during the 2011 CMA Awards.

When she broke into the song’s first chorus, three female acrobats rose from the floor, wrapped in red drapes that hung from the ceiling of the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. As the song climaxed, so did their movement while they twirled and flipped as Evans belted out the powerful lyrics with red spotlights and backdrops — all making the performance a memorable one of the evening.

Evans’ vocal performance was as strong as the song’s powerful lyrics, and the audience remained mesmerized by the breathtaking and moving production which was paired with the tune that topped the charts earlier this year.

Taylor Swift, who takes pride in being known for her theatrical effects and amazing stage shows herself, was among those stars in the front row who were blown away by the end of the performance. “That was awesome,” Swift was filmed gushing as she slapped one of the acrobats a high five as they came back down to the floor.