Sara Evans revealed a spot of good stork-related news via Twitter last night. The singer is an aunt once again, as her sister Lesley gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, whom they named Jack Henry. Congrats to Evans, her sister and the rest of the crew for expanding their family.

Evans tweeted: “My sister had a beautiful baby boy today! Jack Henry! I’m an aunt again! Healthy baby! Praise GOD!” She could barely contain her excitement with all those exclamation points, and we can’t blame her. Any time a baby enters the world, people, especially aunts, are overcome with joy.

We are glad to hear that little Jack is happy and healthy as he made his grand entrance in the world. He was born into a musical family, so chances are, we could be hearing from him once he grows up since there’s a good chance that he will inherit his family’s knack for music. Lesley is a singer in Sara Evans’ band.

Evans has been opening up and sharing quite a bit of her personal life with fans lately. In addition to this revelatory tweet, which many fans re-tweeted to express their congratulations messages and best wishes, the singer’s family and home were recently profiled in a PEOPLE spread. She showed off her beautifully decorated and organized home, and fans were treated to a peek of her pup, too.