It's called "Clear as Day" and will feature almost exclusively new material.  And as we found out, there's a little back story featuring Keith Urban.As stated in an interview with Boston Globe, Scotty McCreery reveals that there is "technically going to be one cover" that makes its way onto his debut album, Clear As Day, which is set to be released in October.

Keith supposedly pitched a song to Scotty and the American Idol winner thought enough of it to include it as one of the tracks.  There's some buzz that Keith may have played guitar for the studio recording.

Scotty is proud of the fact that virtually all of the tunes are originals.  However, in the interview he does share the fact that one of them is "technically" a cover.

"It’s going to be all originals. There’s technically going to be one cover. Keith Urban pitched a song my way, and it’s one he did way back when he was part of the band called the Ranch. He’s on tour right now so we don’t know, but he said he might play guitar on the track."

The CD is going to be the first real chance for Scotty to make that all-important statement about where he is musically, and where he would like to take his career.  The guy's only 17, so, I'm pretty sure we'll see quite a bit of maturing and growth in his songwriting and performances.

The street date for the CD "Clear as Day" is set for Tuesday, October 4, 2011.  Be looking for his first single to follow-up "I Love you Thig".

I'm looking forward to the release.  Then we'll keep our eyes open for Lauren Alaina's latest.

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