U.S, Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) released the following statement regarding the passing of Judge Clarence Brimmer:

Judge Brimmer is a giant. If you knew Bud, giant isn't the first word that comes to mind. But for those who watched him in the courtroom, studied his consequential opinions, knew the impact he has had on Wyoming and the West, that is exactly what he was. No other federal judge in Wyoming history was more respected for his tenacity, intellect, and wit than Judge Brimmer. It was a reputation that rewarded all of us, like the orchids he loved to grow, so gracefully through decades of service.

Governor Matt Mead issued the following statement on the passing of Judge Clarence Brimmer.

I am saddened to learn of Judge Brimmer’s death.  There has never been a finer judge than Clarence Brimmer – not only in terms of his legal skills and running a courtroom – he was always a gentleman.

On a personal note, I consider Clarence Brimmer one of the finest men I’ve ever known.  He taught me about the practice of law and about the living of life.  He will be missed by the Judiciary, the Bar and Wyoming.  I will miss him.

Brimmer died Thursday at a hospital in Boulder he was 92. Funeral services will be held next Tuesday at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Cheyenne.