Four guys walk into a bar. While this sounds like the beginning of a joke, it was actually part of an elaborate prank/crime that would make the notorious ‘Ex-President’ gang from the movie ‘Point Break’ proud.

The bar in question was the Vue de Monde, located on the 55th floor of Melbourne Australia’s 56th story Rialto Towers, which happens to be the tallest office building in the Southern Hemisphere. When the four men entered the establishment, they were smartly attired in suits and ordered a round of cocktails.

That’s when things started to get strange. One of the men went to the bathroom and was quickly followed by the other three. When they emerged, they were wearing the parachutes they had stashed under their jackets. The foursome went to the balcony, locked the door behind them, and put into motion the most unique dine-and-ditch we’ve ever come across.

As they fell through the sky, furious bar owner Shannon Bennett tried to beat them to the ground floor, but to no avail.

I didn’t see them get into the car but there was definitely a car downstairs waiting for them. I tried to run downstairs and try and catch them,” Bennett explained. “It was just too late, they were just really quick at what they were doing, it was just very well planned and they’ve obviously done this sort of stuff before.  They had cameras on their helmets so I’m sure we’ll all see it on YouTube pretty soon.”

The police are investigating the incident, so perhaps that is why there is nothing so far on YouTube. But we will be on the lookout for any footage. Check out a local news report on the stunt below.