Fire crews from the U.S. Forest Service are trying to take advantage of today’s light snowfall by burning slash piles in the Tie City Campground. The campground is a very popular recreation area and trailhead, and smoke is expected to be present in the area during the burns.

Aaron Voos, Public Affairs Specialist with the Forest Service, notes that several large slash piles are located directly in the campground, and people should be aware of the possibility of the burns.

“We’re just trying to get the word out that that’s going to be taking place today. There’s going to be smoke. Anybody who goes up there to ski, or snowshoe, or snowbike, is going to see some activity. It’s not going to close any of the trails, but people just need to be aware of it,” says Voos.

Voos notes that Tie City has been open for recreation, but it has been closed to camping for the past several years. This year, however, the forest service is working to open the area to campers. It’s the continuing work on the campground that has resulted in the large slash piles. Work on the fence, camping pads, fire rings, and removal of dangerous trees continues in that area.

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