Sweetwater County authorities are investigating the discovery of a lab used to make a synthetic street drug commonly called "smiles".

Sheriff's Department spokesman Dick Blust says the buried drug kit was discovered by a woman who had gone to an area west of Rock Springs to bury a pet. The box she found contained, among other things, a white powdery substance. He says chemical tests identified the box contained the base components to make a designer drug known as 2C-1, or ''Smiles".

Blust says the drug is a dangerous hallucinogen which also has amphetamine like qualities. He says long-term effects of 2C-1 usage include damage to the brain, heart and kidneys, psychosis, addiction and death.

A Texas man was recently sentenced in Fargo, North Dakota for distributing ''Smiles" after two teenagers died after using the drug. Blust says the drug is new to Wyoming, and warns people not believe claims the drug is safe to use.