For the first time in a quarter century, WYO 130 remained open between Laramie and Saratoga until Dec. 7th. Wyoming Department of Transportation spokesman Ross Doman said limited visibility from high wind and snow forced the closure.

Westbound travelers will encounter the closure about eight miles above Centennial at the Green Rock Picnic Area near milepost 36 according to a WYDOT release. Eastbound travelers will hit the closure near milepost 48 above Ryan Park.

With snow forecast for the Laramie area beginning Friday night and into late Sunday or Monday, Doman says the roadway will be reevaluated after the snowfall stops. They will decide then if they will be able to reopen WYO 130 again this year or not.

The high elevation portion of WYO 130 is closed annually in late autumn when relatively low traffic, combined with increasing snow accumulations, make plowing operations impractical.