I was sad to hear about the Denver Broncos releasing Champ Bailey yesterday. Champ's broken his share of records, but his broken foot had him out for a good part of the season. Even when he did play, he was going slower, and the Denver D needs youth and speed.

For everyone, there comes a time. For the Broncos, that time is now. Moving forward, they can free up $9 Million from the salary cap, and the $1M bonus Champ would pick up IF he were on the roster March 15th. That ain't happenin'. So yesterday, John Elway and John Fox personally talked with Champ.

Champ still wants to play, but at 35 and often injured, he can't be there for every play. Probably go for nickel-back, and special teams if he can get picked up as a free agent.

How does Coach Bailey sound to you? Blessings on you Champ and thanks for the great plays.