Have you seen the new commercial for South Dakota tourism? It might be the best commercial on television right now. But don't take my word for it. Feast your eyes on this epic awesomeness.

I've never wanted to live in South Dakota. And I don't now. But I'll take it over living on Mars any day. In fact, there are many things that are far worse than living in South Dakota, like smallpox, tsunamis and North Dakota. You could even argue that the South Dakota good life is better than being homeless somewhere else.

With all due respect to the Wyoming Office of Tourism, our state's latest video isn't nearly as cool as South Dakota's. Don't get me wrong, Robert Duval is a legendary actor. His narration, combined with majestic views of Wyoming's many scenic vistas is awe inspiring.

However, everyone knows that Wyoming is beautiful, tranquil and full of adventure. What we need to tell the rest of the country is how much better we are than them. Clearly, our state office of tourism needs to create a new video series titled, "Wyoming, it's better than ________." I'd start with New Jersey and go from there.