If their fans have anything to say about it, Sugarland will be featured performers during Super Bowl XLVI in February.  They've even started a Facebook page for fans to organize.

The page is called (obviously) "We Want Sugarland for Super Bowl 2012".

I checekd the site myself earlier and there seems to be quite a lot of excitement.  They'r organizing a mass call-in to the NFL's office trying to drum up support for the effort today.  The entire effort has evidently been organized by a couple of fans from Indianapolis, the site of this year's XLVI on February 5, 2012.

As you can imagine, there's been quite strong support for the idea.  Of Course, when you read the comments on Facebook, they are totally behind the idea.  In fact, there are a few comments on the page that make it very clear country fans haven't been very impressed with the line-up of talent for either the National Anthem singers or halfltime guest for some time.

The telephone blitz will take place today, but the NFL doesn't make their decision on inviting anyone until later in the season, so there's plenty of time to get a massive response.  It's just a matter of "liking" and "sharing" the Facebook page.

Social media has been used for everything from organizing charity events to fighting during the Arab Spring.  Here's just one more example of the brave new world of networking.  I'll be watching this site and hopefully we'll see a successful campaign.  Stay tuned.

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