Sugarland will be launching their latest concert tour in April. A lot goes into planning a concert. There's logistics, set-up, tear-down and much, much more. But one of the most important factors for a successful concert is what's called the "set list". That's the list of songs to be performed by the artists.  The vast majority of artists draw up their own set lists. But, Sugarland is throwing that vital decision to their fans.

The first clue is the title of the tour, In the Hands of the Fans. Each city's individual set list will be determined by the fans in that city. 

It's a multi-media extravaganza in the age of the internet. Jennifer Nettles, lead singer for the band, encourages fans to send in their requests through text messaging, hadwritten signs, social meda (read that as Facebook) and even phone calls.

Here's the only rule:  Any requests must be from songs that Sugarland has recorded or been performed live in a previous show. Jennifer says as long as the requests come from that list, anything is "fair game".

Interesting concept. Kind of nice to see the fans getting a major role in any show, especially one as important as Sugarland's first tour since the tragedy in Indy.

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