Sugarland just keeps keepin' on with great tunes released from their latest CD..."The Incredible Machine".  lead singer Jennifer Nettles  is proud of the newest clip for their powerful new single, ''Tonight.'

"We wanted to play with the romance and longing of this song. Hopefully that translates."

"I am so excited for our fans to see the glamorous side of Sugarland and hear a new song from our 'Incredible Machine,'" adds guitarist Kristian Bush. "

The video was shot on New York City's Upper East Side and Sugarland feels that glamorous locale lends to their efforts of showing a newer, more sophisticated and yes, sexier Sugarland.

'Tonight' is just the latest release from their platinum-selling album and is definitely a fan favorite.  The duo has been on the road with concerts promoting "Incredible Machine."

Well, after all that...I guess you'd like to see the video.  Enjoy.