Most dogs will go for a walk anytime their owners are ready, even if it's pouring rain, or the blowing snow. Dogs just want to get want to get out there and check things out. But that doesn't mean you should always take them for a walk, especially in the dog days of summer.

A dog-training center in Sonoma, California posted a tip on Facebook earlier this month, to see if it's too hot to walk your dog. It's pretty easy to do this test and now it's going viral as dog owners are sharing this tip online.

This trick is simple, just feel the pavement with the back of your hand, and if you can't leave it there for five seconds then you and your dog should wait to take that walk. Because if it's too hot for the back of your hand, it's certainly too hot for your 4 legged friend and will burn their feet.

If that's the case, either walk them somewhere where there's lots of grass, or delay your walk until the evening hours when things are cooler. You could also get little boots for them, but my dogs hate wearing them and yours probably will as well.

Speaking of things dog's hate, you also might want to leave them at home for the Fourth of July, since fireworks tend to freak them out. For more on this, check out my dog Willis with a few fireworks tips for dogs.

Source: Buzzfeed