A Laramie man charged with Aggravated Assault and Battery, and possession of a deadly weapon waived his right to a preliminary hearing. Nicholas Perez accused of a post-Super Bowl shooting is free on a 50,000 signature bond. Perez's case will now be bound over district court.

Prosecutors say on Feb. 2nd, Perez came home from a bar after the game intoxicated and irate because of the Broncos' loss . Once at his residence, he engaged in a friendly wrestling match with one of his three roommates, Sayer Smith.

Police officials stated that at some point during the wrestling, Perez retrieved a gun and pointed it at Smith's head. Their roommate Devon Searle, grabbed Perez's arm and moved  the gun away from Smith's vicinity. While trying to wrestle the gun away from Perez, Searle was shot in the palm of his hand.