It's Summer and many folks will be headed into the back country to spend some time with nature.  But are you as prepared to be in the woods as you should be?

One of the biggest reasons I enjoy being in the back country is because its much cooler in the mountains than it is at lower elevation.  But anytime you are going to be in colder temperatures, you have to be aware for the symptoms of Hypothermia.

Can you get Hypothermia in the summertime?  You bet you can!  Many streams and lakes in the back country can chill you to the bone. Or there is the unexpected snow storm in July that can catch you with out the proper gear in your backpack.

Hypothermia is a potentially dangerous drop in body temperature, usually caused by prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. The risk of cold exposure increases as the winter months arrive. But if you're exposed to cold temperatures on a spring hike or capsized on a summer sail, you can also be at risk of hypothermia.

Normal body temperature averages 98.6 degrees. With hypothermia, core temperature drops below 95 degrees. In severe hypothermia, core body temperature drops to 86 degrees or lower.

The way to treat hypothermia is to help the person re-heat their core temperature.

Hypothermia kills hundreds of people each year.  Take a look at the graphics below and always be aware for the symptoms of hypothermia.