Bill Cosby Coming To Casper [VIDEO]
Comedy legend Bill Cosby, best known for a wide variety of enterprises and his family friendly, insightful and frequently hilarious observations about human nature, this American icon takes the stage October 6th.
Kim Kardashian Gets Flour-Bombed on Red Carpet
As if getting dissed by ‘Mad Men’ star Jon Hamm for perpetuating a culture of stupidity isn’t bad enough, now Kim Kardashian also has to deal with this. While on the red carpet at the London West Hollywood to promote her new fragrance, Kim found herself on the r…
7 Ridiculous Workout and Diet Commercials
Everyone knows that the only real way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat smaller portions, choose healthier foods and exercise more. Everyone also knows doing those things suck and there has to be a better way. There isn't. But since it's the new year, everyone wants to find that miracle solut…
Adorable Grandma Gets Down to Dubstep [Video]
Opinions vary as to whether or not dubstep should be considered music or the guttural rumblings of a malfunctioning robot, but watching this 94-year-old grandma attempt to dance to Excision & Downlink’s (yes, that’s a real band) ‘The Underground&CloseCur…

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