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Where Do You Do Your Christmas Shopping? – Survey of the Day
Christmas is just a couple of weeks away and the crunch to get gifts for everyone on your list is drawing near. As you shop for those gifts, are you able to find what you need in Laramie? It's no secret that a lot of Laramie residents head to Cheyenne or Ft. Collins for big shopping trips and l…
Do You Want Laramie to Grow? – Survey of the Day
The Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors is recommending that Laramie get a $5.4 million grant to create the Cirrus Sky Technology Park. If this tech park becomes a reality it could mean some significant growth for Laramie. But is that a change you would like to see?
Should the Mountain West Let Team Return? – Survey of the Day
As conference realignment continues across college athletics, sources have told ESPN the Boise State, San Diego State and BYU had been talking with the Mountain West about possibly returning to the conference.

BYU is now independent in football while Boise State and San Diego State are slated to jo…
Are You Working on Thanksgiving Day? – Survey of the Day
Thanksgiving is only a week away, and it can be a great holiday for family and friends.Sometimes people spend Thanksgiving in ways other than celebrating the holiday itself. Some people end up working on Thanksgiving. While some volunteer for the day of work (after all holiday pay can be pretty grea…
What is Your Favorite Winter Beverage? – Survey of the Day
We have already had our first little bit of snow, which is a clear indicator that cold weather will quickly be upon us. With temperatures dipping below freezing, it seems many of our daily habits change with the weather. For many, something as simple as drinking a beverage becomes a totally differen…
What is Your Favorite Book Genre? – Survey of the Day
Let’s face it, the weather is beginning to change whether we like it or not. Leaves are changing color and falling of the trees, and snow will be here before we know it. This is the time of year that staying indoors curled up in front of a fire reading a nice book can be the best activity aro…
Make or Buy Your Halloween Costume? – Survey of the Day
Halloween is just over a month away and if you’re planning on dressing up then it’s time to start planning your costume. Once you’ve decided what you are going to be for this festive holiday, the next step is deciding just how you’re going to pull it off.

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