It's a strange turn of events at an exclusive Nashville Mausoleum. Tammy Wynette's name has been changed on the tomb that holds her remains.

Anyone looking for her name to pay tribute to her at Nashville's Woodlawn Cross Mausoleum won't be able to find it looking for the name, "Tammy Wynette". Her final resting place is now marked with her birth name, "Virginia W. Richardson".

,Tammy passed away in 1998 and the family allowed her stage name to be used on the tomb. But, now, evidently someone in the family changed their minds and the name was replaced.

 Wynette's full given name was Virginia Wynette Pugh. Her husband at the time of her death was George Richey, whose birth name was Richardson. Thus the name Virginia W Richardson. She was married to George Richey for 20 years until her death. is reporting that a spokeswoman for the funeral home the name was changed "a couple of weeks ago at the request of the family".

The funeral home that houses the mausoleum has a strict policy against revealing the specifically who it was that authorized the change, or why.

Believe it or not, there is a site called Find a Grave.  (I'm not making that up).  On that site visitors can see how the tomb was originally labeled.

Quite the mystery, but for those folks who would like to visit the tomb, probably useful info.

Many other celebrities are also entombed there, including Eddy Arnold, Owen Bradley, Johnny Paycheck, Red Foley, Webb Pierce, Marty Robbins, Mel Street, Porter Wagoner, Red Sovine, Jerry Reed and the songwriters Felice and Boudleaux Bryant.

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