The Joint Legislative and Executive Task Force on Capitol Building Rehabilitation and Restoration encourages the public to get involved in a preliminary study to restore and rehabilitate Wyoming’s Capitol.

According to a press release from Anthony Sara, Associate Legislative Information Officer, the Task Force is asking the public to submit old photographs of the interior and exterior of the Capital. HDR Architecture, Inc. in association with Preservation Design Partnership, LLC and Plan One Architects will be teaming up to explore what the building needs over the next few months and develop a layout of what can be done within a reasonable budget. The costs will be discussed for consideration among the higher ups at the 2014 Budget Session of the Wyoming Legislature.

“We are just discovering what is going on in this building and what is needed to fix it,” Tom Whetstone, Senior Project Manager for HDR Architecture, said.  “We are collecting information on needs at this point and we are not making any decisions regarding potential solutions, timelines or costs,” he added.

The press release goes on to say the Wyoming Legislation has approved costs for restoration of the Capitol back in 2003. The Task Force was built in 2013 and made the restoration and rehabilitation of the capitol a top priority.

Anthony Sara says the study will include taking public input about the Capitol's restoration in the coming months. The project will also maintain the historical and architectual integrity of the building, but want to make neccessary improvements to the structure which would have to be within the legislative's approved budget.

The Task Force would like photographs of the Capitol submitted no later than June 7th. For more information on this story and how to submit these photographs log onto to their state website.