As you probably have already heard, Taylor Swift has graced the cover of Vogue magazine. I find it odd that there is all this "hoopla" surrounding the fact that she is the first country singer to be on this cover. My question to you is this... Why is she the first?

I understand why she was on the cover of Teen Vogue. She appeals to teens. Now, "regular" Vogue is meant for adults, yes? As far as I know she doesn't really appeal to adults. Maybe her new look is supposed to magically transform her into this 22 year old adult. I'm not sure.

Her interview with Vogue was, of course, directed to her childhood and her relationships. Swift commented on how her childhood was awkward, as though she was the only one who went through an awkward stage. Hello? I'm pretty sure we all do!

As for her relationships, have you ever heard her music? I'm pretty sure we get the jist. Boys aren't nice and if they are they probably won't last long. I mean come on just listening to five seconds of, Picture to Burn, Mean, or Dear John will let you know what she thinks.

Don't get me wrong I think the girl is talented, but I do wish that people would stop glorifying everything she does. Until she finds something new to sing about I feel that she will not appeal to the adult audience she appears to want to be a part of. I guess we will see what her new album brings.