Despite the fact that she’s still heavily touring her ‘Speak Now’ album, Taylor Swift is already imagining her 2012 album coming to life onstage. In an interview backstage at the 2011 CMA Awards — immediately after collecting the Entertainer of the Year prize for the second time — the singer spoke from the heart about just how much she loves her job and what we can expect from her forthcoming release.

“With this next album, I’m so excited because I’ve been writing so much. We’re still in the first gear of making it, so as we finish songs and demo them in my producer’s basement, I can picture them being played on the stage,” Swift revealed. “One of the things that I love about the Speak Now Tour is that it’s very theatrical, and each song has its own treatment. The reason I obsess over it so much is that I obsess over writing them so much.”

Theatrical indeed. In each city, the ‘Love Story’ songstress unpacks a full-on Broadway production with pyrotechnics, elaborate staircases, glittery lit-up trees and even a terrace that floats through the stadium on wires. Swift added, “I am so proud of this tour, and the reason why it’s so much fun is because I obsess over how to treat each song.”

Without a doubt, it takes a village, so to speak, to put on a Taylor Swift show — and even the fans are a huge part of what makes the wheels turn so smoothly. The 21-year-old superstar credits her entire entourage with her double Entertainer of the Year win, as she recognizes that without them, none of it would be possible. “The reason why we celebrate like we just won the Super Bowl is that my band and crew, the dancers, the aerialists, the catering crew, my family, friends and fans all over the world were paying attention tonight, and they were excited because they’re part of this,” Swift said during the press conference.

“It’s such a fun, daydreaming job to have,” she explained, detailing why she loves what she does. “You spend so much of your time planning and daydreaming about the future, and it’s a blast to get to call that a career.”