What a week Miss Swift is having.  She just won the Entertainer of the Year at the CMA's.  And now comes word that not one but two singles from her latest album will debut on the top 20 charts.

Billboard Magazine is reportedly set to add the songs If This Wa a Movie  and Ours (both of which have been available for download digitally) to the top 15 in their hot 100 charts.  Now, that chart is different from the exclusively country chart, but those are some impressive debuts.  In fact If This Was A Movie could even show up in the top 10.

If This Was a Movie has been downloaded over 150,000 times and' and Ours has been dowlnoaded over 130,ooo times.  The Speak Now album was released back in October of 2010 and has been certified platinum, selling at least 1,005,000 copies. 

To put that kind of success in perspective, let's remember that the 21 year old won the Entertainer of the Year almost exactly five years after she first made an appearance of any kind on the charts when she did it with her self-titled album.

The sky really is the limit with Taylor Swift.  Her singles are red hot.  She has one of the highest grossing concert tours of the year, her fragrance is taking off and the sun is a long way from setting on her musical career.

We'll watch with interest as this amazing career unfolds.  Stay tuned.

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