Anyone who had any doubt about the power of these two new country talents can pretty much put them to rest. According to Yahoo's chart watch, both have racked up an incredible amount of sales.

Taylor has not one...but now two songs that are quadruple platinum.  That means four million copies sold.  Her You Belong With Me is the newest to cross that mark.  And, of course, her monstrously succesful Love Story was her first.

Meanwhile, The Band Perry continues to amaze. Their If I Die Young just this week hit the 4 million mark.   Look for several other of their singles to do just as well as time goes on.
 By the way.  Those aren't even the best-selling country song of all time.  That honor belongs to Lady Andtebellum and Need You NowNeed You Now has sold an unbelievable 5 million, 700 thousand copies.

Mega sales to be sure.  But, what do you think?  Are Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum and The Band Perry destined to change the sound and face of country?  Let us know here.

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