Two of country music’s favorite blondes met in the flesh and face to face, thanks to ‘Live! With Regis and Kelly.’  Taylor Swift appeared to promote her new scent Wonderstruck, while Lauren Alaina performed her new single, ‘Georgia Peaches,’ from the just-released ‘Wildflower.’ The ladies were in the same room and bonded over a bottle … of perfume, that is.

During her chat, Swift said, “I wanted to make a fragrance since I was 13. It help creates people’s memories … I love having to do with people’s memories. It’s a wonderful thing.” She revealed that she got her hands “dirty” and did not just slap her name onto a finished product, saying, “We worked on it for a year. It was a yearlong process. They teach you all about the fragrance families: the oriental group, the citrusy florals. I like the sweet, warm fragrances. They made me fill out a like 500-question questionnaire.”

When Taste of Country chatted with Alaina last month, she had not yet met Swift, but turns out she got to do so during this breakfast TV appearance. Alaina even gave a shout out to Swift after she sang, saying, “She gave me some of her new fragrance and it smells delicious.”

Well, Swift is on a fragrance promo tour, and doling out bottles and samples to her fellow country stars is a smart way to spread the word. Having other famous people talk about something you’re hawking is a wise marketing move! Looks like Lauren Alaina is on the promo train with Swift.

At the time her chat with Taste of Country, Alaina had said she had not met Swift, but “she actually gave me flowers while I was on the show and told me that she wanted to show me around Nashville, so maybe when I finish this tour we can do that. I feel like everyone tells her how good they think she is … I just bought a ton of her songs on my phone the other night, and it just makes you feel better to listen to her songs! I just want her to know. People tell her how awesome she is all the time, but I do the same thing that she does now, and I feel like we could connect. It would be cool for us to be friends.”

Maybe the seeds of a friendship have been sown over a bottle of Wonderstruck.

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