The Forbes list of the highest earning celebrities is out, and it seems that the past 12 months were very, very good to Miss Swift.

The list regularly tracks the total monies earned by celebrities.  Based on the success of Taylor's remarkable album "Speak Now",  The country talent has made it to the top 20 earners in the past year.

And, of course she's young; just 21 years old.  That fact puts her in the company of other successful young celebs on the list.  For instance, Miley Cyrus made 15 million and is only 18.  Carrie Underwood at only 28 also made a cool 15 million. 

Lady Gaga tops the list with 90 million.  and the youngest artist on the list is Justin Bieber, pulling down a cool 53 million.

The Forbes list comes out yearly and tabulates money made between May of last year to May of 2011.