Okay, I've been playing Miss Taylor Swift's "Mean" for a while now.  And to absolutely no one's surprise, it's a monster hit for her.  Well, in the brave new world of radio and music, there's more to it than just listening to a song you like.  You have to have the video too.

Taylor Swift's video for "Mean" has been released on CMT and at the risk of sounding like her personal cheerleader, I have to say I really like it. 

First, her latest release from the "Speak Now" album has a lot going for it.   The cold intro, the peppy little pace and of course the cryptic and heart-felt lyrics make the song a sure hit.  The video matches those advantages very nicely.

I've always been mystified by some of Taylor's songs. It's almost as if she's been trying to recover from some trauma she felt in the past. I mean, was she the little girl in the vidoe who isn't allowed to sit with the "cool" kids at lunch? Was she treated badly by a boyfriend of two....or three?

When you look at the stunningly beautiful Miss Swift, you have to ask what she could possibly find about herself that makes her have to constantly deal with this stuff. I mean, being beautiful, talented and rich just doesn't seem to have erased whatever issues she had.

Well, be that as it may, nothing takes away from the certain success she'll find with this song and this video. She's young and there will be many, many more hits to digest and discuss in the future.

If you haven't enjoyed the video yet, here's your chance.