Over 15 vehicles have been organized to drive people around Laramie from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. on New Year's Eve for the 14th Annual Safe Ride Safe Tow Home.  Anyone can call 760-1213 to get a ride and get their car home safely for free.

Organizer Nicole Candelaria said the goal is to encourage no drinking and driving at all.  Drivers will pick people up at their home and take them wherever they want to go, including restaurants, bars and house parties.

The volunteer drivers are friends and families with large vehicles which can handle large groups of people and some from the sheriff's department who are not working, pretty much anyone who wants to keep drunk drivers off the road.  Candelaria said they also get help from bar owners who call them so people can get home safely.

A1-Recovery & Towing owner Shane Swett sponsors the event with Candelaria in memory of her little brother Cal Ray who died in an alcohol related accident in 1993.  Candelaria said when they started A1-Recovery & Towing fifteen years ago they wanted to do something for the community, so they came up with the Safe Ride Safe Tow Home.