The Perrys are certainly the talk of the town when it comes to popular new country talent.  And it turns out that teaming up with Brad Paisley on his latest tour is showing them the great things that await them in the future.

The Band Perry

won the coveted Best New Artist at the CMA's last year.  In an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, Reid Perry opened up about how that award felt.

We never won any trophies in sports or anything growing up.  I just don't even think we had the athletic ability to even give it a show.

Their tour with Brad Paisley affords them the indescribable thrill of arena audiences.  And one of the greatest thrill ANY artist can have is when the audience sings back to them.

Again, from the phone interview:

The great thing is people are starting to show up and listen to our music and sing along with us, Neil says. Brad has been great. He's let us have access to the whole stage, which is pretty cool for those of us who love to run around onstage.

The two male Perrys credit their mom for the high bar they've set for themselves career-wise.  Reportedly, their mom foresees their ultimate successes along the lines of being invited to join the Grand Ole Opry or even a sustained schedule of Vegas appearances.  (Think Garth Brooks or Wayne Newton).

Whatever lies ahead, the members of The Band Perry appear to have combined the great qualities of exceptional musical ability and the wisdom to not let it all go to their heads.  It's going to be fun watching these young folk as they make their way through the craziness that comes with success and adoration.  I'm betting they'll do just fine.

In the conclusion to the inverview,  Neil makes a statement that is simultaneously wise and maybe a little prophetic.

It's a good time to be a band in country music.

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