I really don't think the Perry kids need to worry too much about the "sophomore curse".  You know, the situation where a band can't match the success of their first album?  The Band Perry is reportedly in it to win it with their next effort.Kimberly told interviewers at  Billboard. "We've gotten to experience a wide variety of new things over the last two years. One thing that I'm so proud of already is everything rings 100 percent true. Every line that we're writing and singing is something that we feel deep down in our gut."

The Band Perry  are coming off a very successful night at the CMA's where they picked up Best New Artist, Best Single and Song of the Year. 

"We are in full force writing for album number two and really excited about the songs that are being born right now,"

One thing that sets the Perry's apart was their decision to start their own publishing company.  That's unusual in the field.  Often, young talent must go with a major publisher that has loads more experience in marketing and publicity.  But they said the decision simply made sense to them.

"We finished recording the first seven sides [of our debut album] and were passing it around to everybody in town," Kimberly recalls. "We ended up having three label offers on the table, and once the label deals were on the table, then the publishing deals came. At that point, it didn't seem to make sense because we had already recorded our music and we had label intentions so we were like, 'Why don't we just hang onto it?'"

If I Die Young has sold more than three million copies to date, so the decision looks like a no-brainer now.  When you consider the youth of The Band Perry, you have to think that the future looks very, very bright for them.

Right now, though, they're spending almost all of their time on the road.  They are the opening act for Reba's All the Women I Am tour.  They also have their own live gig, called Purveyors of Perfomance.

Not a great deal is known about the details for the Sophomore album to come.  But, like I said, one thing I'm pretty sure of:  It won't come with a "curse".

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