It's been a very, very busy year for! We've grown by leaps and bounds and it's truly gratifying. We're heading into the last days of 2011 and we decided to take a minute and tabulate the Top 10 stories (ranked in popularity by our visitors) for the year. And so, without further adieu, we present our Top 10!

  • 10

    Hottest Bartenders in Laramie

    Well, this post was amazingly popular locally. We had some very good, good-spirited competition what with individual bartenders and their respective fans chiming in. The winner was Meghan from the Buck Horn Bar, but there were many votes cast for others as well.

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    Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo and Concert Listings

    There was no doubt a great deal of interest in last Summer’s line-up of talent at The Daddy of ‘Em All. We had many, many visitors checking out the schedule. Nationally and internationally people know about the Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming and are always interested in what’s going on. Just click on the title here to read the entire post.

    MaverickLS2 via Flikr
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    Buford’s Lone Citizen Profiled on NBC

    I’m pretty sure the people who checked out this story fell into two separate camps: those of us in Wyoming who were impressed that we made the national news and those living in larger, more populated areas who really couldn’t believe a town has just one citizen. Anyway, this story came in at Number 3. Just click the title and enjoy the article.

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    Zac Brown’s Official Video for Colder Weather

    Great band and a really sad song are the ingredients to this post’s popularity. I think a lot of people were interested in finding out how the band interpreted such a powerful song theatrically.

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    Younger Brothers’ Guitarist Gets Married

    This post had a lot going for it. The Younger Brothers have a sizable following anyway, and everybody likes a happy ending. Even so, we were surprised with the interest this one generated.

  • 5

    Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw announce 2012 Tour Dates

    Two words: hot guys. Two more words: giant talents. There’s such a huge group of people who enjoy these two and have waited quite a while for their teaming up again. The fact that they added a Denver show probably just stoked the fires.

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    Toby Keith’s Red Solo Cup Performed by Three Year Old.

    Silly and fun song. Cute kid. Put them together and it turns out you have the 7th most popular story on Y95

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    You Know You’re a Student in Laramie If…

    Really creative writing by our own Kari Eakins. This one, like all good articles, doesn’t take itself too seriously. And evidently a lot of people agree as this one comes in at number 8.

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    Man has Revenge on Snow Shovel Thief

    I’m not going to go into a great deal of detail on this. I’m not willing to spoil the surprise. Just click on the title and check out the entire post for yourself.

  • 1

    Aerial view of War Memorial Stadium

    Historic match-up with a Big 10 team. Rabid fan-bases on both sides. Divided loyalties. The thrill of seeing beautiful War Memorial Stadium absolutely packed. Not hard to see how this one made the list.