My lovely fiance is in Washington, D.C. this week, which affords me a rare opportinuty to wear jean shorts.

If my better half was here, I would not be allowed to leave the house in "jorts."

Like most women, my better half has systematically purged my wardrobe over the years. Some of my favorite t-shirts have ended up in the goodwill pile, and worse yet, the trash.

I have explained to her that, in spite of the pit stains and holes, those shirts are sacred. Sure, they're a couple sizes too small, but they have sentimental value. They are souvenirs of my misspent youth.

Amazingly, I have managed to salvage one last pair of jorts, safely tucking them away in the bottom drawer.

Which begs the question: In the year 2016, should a grown man be allowed to wear jean shorts in public?