Naomi and Wynona Judd are performing again. Well, not in the "let's get the band back together again" sense, but the Judds are planning a benefit concert in their hometown.

The ladies will be playing the historic Franklin Theatre in their homeown.  The date for the event is set for October 18th.  There is a campaign afoot called the Green Nights concert series.  All monies raised will go toward sustaining the Franklin Theatre for future generations of music fans.  The Franklin has been showcasing great talent since 1937.

Naomi said, "The heart of Franklin is the theater and it's beating again. It never occurred to me that we'd have the thrill of actually performing up on its stage, looking out at smiling familiar neighbors. Pardon me if I shed a tear of nostalgic joy."

 Wynonna added, "I love Franklin and knowing that part of it is being kept original is so important to me and my children. I have lived in Franklin since 1978. One of the things I love most is our small town spirit and the way we all hold sacred our unique community. The familiar sights and the beauty I see when cruising down Main Street does my heart good. I am happy and grateful to live in such a special place. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else on the planet."

 I was kind of meloncholy when the Judds wrapped up their careers.  I always thought Wynona was one of the most talented female voices in country.  And, of course, Naomi's life story reads like a romance novel.  The Judds absolutely owned the country charts for so long, it's hard to imagine (even now) that they won't be still making music. 

Who knows?  Maybe the ladies will have so much fun doing this project that they'll consider others in the future.  Stay tuned. 

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