Okay, I know that what to do in a park is about as diverse as the number of people who use our parks in Laramie. We are blessed with both the number and the quality of the parks in our community. And, limiting the choices to just five will be hard, but, we decided we’d give it a try.

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    Frisbee Golf

    This is a personal favorite of mine. My nephew is and accomplished and award-winning Frisbee Golf (or disc golf) player. There are two serviceable Frisbee golf courses in Laramie. One is at LaPrelle Park, the other is actually on campus.

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    Our running and walking weather at 7,220 feet can be as short as our growing season, but the fact is, when they talk about fresh air, they’re talking about the wonderful fresh air we enjoy here in Laramie. There’s not much that beats that crisp, clean, air going into your lungs. It clears the mind and the senses. Plus, no special equipment is required

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    Having just listed the virtues of walking and jogging in our parks, I’d like to mention basketball. I’ve seen plenty of young folks enjoying the courts at Washington Park many, many times. They generally play with abandon, and have skills far and above this old guy’s, so I know they’re enjoying the experience.

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    Skate boarding

    Well, if I don’t have the hops for basketball, it’s probably a pretty safe bet that I don’t have the skills for boarding. The skate boarding set up at LaBonte park certainly looks like it would offer any enthusiastic boarder all they would like. Besides, you can’t do too many cool tricks in your average parking lot.

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    Just about any park anywhere is a great spot for volleyball. All you need is a net, a ball and a bunch of your buddies to enjoy a nice afternoon or an early evening. It’s also a very nice co-ed sport and has pretty much universal appeal for those who play.