The street dances start tonight in downtown Laramie as part of the 71st Annual Laramie Jubilee Days. If you're looking for ways to impress, look no further! Here are my suggestions for dance moves to keep everyone's eyes on you (for the right reasons).

  • Pretzel

    This is a dance move that is simply a must do when there's country music in the air. The good news for girls is that you can just follow along. The good news for guys is I found a video that can teach you how to lead a girl through this classic. If you go out and do the Pretzel, everyone will automatically put you in the 'good dancer' category.

  • The Running Man

    Nothing goes better with a street dance than moves from the 80's and the best place to start is the Running Man. I believe the keys to pulling off this move is the arm motion and a stone cold face which says, "Yeah I know I'm this cool." You might even wear your sunglasses at night.

  • Cowboy Cha Cha

    Both a partner dance and a line dance, the Cowboy Cha Cha is a smooth dance that looks much more complicated than it actually is. Basically it's not too tough to learn but will impress everyone around you. Once again it's more up to the guy to know how to lead the girl through this, check out the video for a tutorial.