The 2012 election was like no other for the Laramie City Council. A change in the ward system meant that for the first time in the city's history, three councilors will be representing three city wards. This change meant automatic turnover for at least one council seat and one council member, Karl McCraken, failed to make it past the primary election.

Here is your Laramie City Council for the next two years:

Joe Shumway and Joe Vitale earned another four years on the city council while Paul Weaver, Jayne Pearce and Vicki Henry will each be sitting on the council for the first time. They join Klaus Hanson, Dave Paulekas, Lee Kempert and Roger McKinley, who all have two years remaining in their term.

Mayor Scott Mullner, Vice-Mayer Karl McCraken and Erik Molvar all failed to win re-election on the council. A breakdown of the 2012 General Election is below. These results are unofficial until the County Canvassing Board meets on Thursday, November 8th.

Ward 1 (2 open seats)

Vicki Henry - 18.24%
Erik Molvar - 14.80%
Paul Weaver - 21.47%
Matthew Blaylock - 14.79%

Ward 2 (2 open seats)

Jayne Pearce - 17.38%
Joe Shumway - 21.47%
Guillermo (Bill) Brizuela - 11.49%
Scott Mullner - 16.30%

Ward 3 (1 open seat)

Rebecca (Becky) Riley - 37.84%
Joe Vitale - 45.60%

For countywide results, click here. For statewide results, click here.