When I first heard Tim McGraw, we were both a lot younger and had a lot more attitude about us.  But, time marches on, life happens and being a young buck with a young buck attitude becomes a whole lot less interesting.  It has always been thus.  With his new release, Tim shows that you CAN learn from your mistakes.

Now, I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking, well, Tim's life is pretty good right now.  He's been freed from a label he didn't like or respect.  He's got a lovely family.  His wife, Faith Hill is climbing the charts with her latest single.  Yes, life is good and it's good to be Tim McGraw.

But, his song Better Than I Used to Be makes a couple of great points about maturity and looking down the road.  There's nothing like years on ya to make you take stock and promise to do better.  I know.

Better Than I Used to Be is going to  be a hitThere's nothing that's going to stop it.  Tim's talent and his power in the business assures that.  But that's just fine with me.  Let the boy bring that talent and entertainment to as many people as possible, says I.  Look for some great stuff from Tim in the year ahead.  He's more free to do what he wants now than probably ever before in his career.  I can't wait to see what's coming.

Here's Mr. McGraw performing the single on ABC's The View.

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