Tim McGraw‘s old record label is letting the songs from the embattled ‘Emotional Traffic’ album trickle out one at a time. Just weeks ago, ‘Better Than I Used to Be‘ was released as a single within hours of a judge’s decision to separate the parties. Now, the song ‘Right Back Atcha Babe’ is available on iTunes.

‘Right Back Atcha Babe,’ a fun and flirty love song, was a staple of McGraw’s live show this summer, so fans will be plenty familiar with the lyrics. In addition to ‘Better Than I Used to Be,’ ‘Felt Good on My Lips’ will also be included on ‘Emotional Traffic’ when it’s released on Jan. 17.

While McGraw hasn’t commented on it, some of his fans say they will be protesting Curb’s release. Saving Country Music posted one fan’s angry comment from the ‘Right Back Atcha Babe’ iTunes page: “Please don’t buy this. Curb Records has been screwing over Timmy and his fans for years … download this illegally, and support Tim McGraw some other way, like buying a ticket to one of his shows.”

Still, reviews and fan reaction to the album’s official new single, ‘Better Than I Used to Be,’ have been generally positive. The long wait for this much talked about project may make resisting its allure an impossible task for all but the most frustrated fans of the singer’s.

Listen to Tim McGraw, ‘Right Back Atcha Babe’