As he gears up for his show at the "Daddy of em all"  Saturday July 26th, Tim McGraw's facing new controversy ,over whether he slapped a woman who tried to grab him.

Last weekend, Tim McGraw had an encounter with a fan at his show in Atlanta, and according to TMZ, he was performing his song "Truck Yeah" while walking through the screaming crowd.  One of his fans became a little over zealous when Tim tried to move ahead, but couldn't, because a fan was grabbing him.

Tim was performing at Aaron's Amphitheatre last Sunday, July 13th, when this fan grabbed Tim's already torn jeans, and tore them even more, because she wouldn't let go.  Tim then "swatted" the fan to break away from her.  You can tell Tim's none too happy, gesturing with his hands "what the....." before security apprehended this woman.

If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Tim McGraw, you know that he's a very down to earth, sweet person who truly loves his fans, but some say he might have gone too far when he swatted this woman.  Did he?

This isn't the first time at the rodeo for Tim when it comes to being inappropriately grabbed while on stage.  You might recall Tim being grabbed while on stage with his beautiful wife Faith Hill tore this over zealous fan on stage protecting both her man, and his  "manhood."

Check out this video of Tim's most recent incident, do you think Tim was right in swatting this fan?  Would you think should be done if a fan did this while he's performing at Cheyenne Frontier Days?