According to multiple NFL sources, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has been in contact with former quarterback Tim Tebow.

Many media outlets are now discounting this as a possibility.

Even if you're not a football fan, you probably heard all about Tebow-mania during the 2011 season. Tebow was drafted in 2010 by the Denver Broncos after winning two National Championships at Florida. He found a home with the New York Jets after Denver picked up Peyton Manning in 2012, and spent a little time with New England in 2013.

After he couldn't find another NFL job, he refused offers from the Arena Football League, and joined the SEC Network as a television analyst.

Tebow was such an anomaly when he played for the Broncos. He proved his haters and his fans right every game. He'd stink, but win games. So, we're asking you, should Timmy get another shot?